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Animatricks 2004.4

Animatricks 2004.4: Program for creating video clips from static images, photographs, drawings. Animatricks is a program for creating movies from any static image, such as photograph, drawing or diagram. Most popular image formats are supported. It can be used to make business presentations, cartoons, educational aids, or bring life to your favourite images and photographs. Animations created by the program can be exported as MPEG video clips or series of images (BMP or JPG). Attractive visuals can be produced with very little experience.

Visual Paradigm for UML Standard 8.0: Generate code from UML
Visual Paradigm for UML Standard 8.0

diagrams, as well as ER Diagrams, Requirement Diagrams, CRC Diagrams and Textual Analysis. Selected Features: -Support UML 2.x - Class Diagram - Use Case Diagram - Sequence Diagram - Communication Diagram - State Machine Diagram - Activity Diagram - and moreā€¦ -Requirement Modeling -Database Modeling (Entity Relationship Diagram) -Nicknamer -Generate MS Word, PDF and HTML report -Export/Import model to XML, MS Excel -Java, C++, PHP, VB code generation

code generation, code reverse engineering, class diagram, use case, use case modeling, uml modeling

SharpShooter Diagrams beta: User-friendly Silverlight component for diagrams and BPMN shapes creation
SharpShooter Diagrams beta

diagram. Thus, all the information is presented in the clear, legible manner. SharpShooter Diagrams is easily integrated into the Silverlight 4 applications. The customization of the graph behavior can be set from the application code. Virtually any aspect of the design-time behavior of any diagram objects (adorners, in-place editors, etc.) can be changed. Simple object model of the diagram allows manipulating diagram structure and all its properties

silverlight chart control, silverlight shapes, silverlight diagrams, flow charts, diagrams, silverlight charting, silverlight charts, silverlight graphs, silverlight diagramming

EventStudio Sequence Diagram Designer 2.5: Sequence Diagram Based System Modeling and Design Tool
EventStudio Sequence Diagram Designer 2.5

diagrams are a very effective way of modeling an object oriented system. Unfortunately, most UML based modeling tools only offer primitive support for sequence diagrams. EventStudio provides advanced constructs for sequence diagram based object modeling. EventStudio supports generation of message sequence charts (MSCs) and call flow diagrams used in telecom and embedded system development. Process workflow generation is supported for business process

message sequence chart, collaboration diagram, use case, call flow, sequence diagram, context diagram, interaction diagram

SimApp 2.50: Design and simulation of continuous and time discrete automatic control systems
SimApp 2.50

diagrams with shapes (lines, rectangles, circles, etc.) and text. Creation of user-defined blocks in a special design window. Saving of frequently used subsystems in libraries for later reuse. The simulation results are presented as data series in tabular form as well as time, Bode, Nichols-Black and Nyquist diagrams which can exported to other applications for further processing. Computes the eigenvalues of linear systems. The program supports the

control system, nyquist diagram, simulator, time domain, controller, eigenvalues, automation, black s plot, control, dynamics, bode diagram, frequency domain, closed loop

Nevron Diagram for .NET Q3_2007: Professional Diagram component for .NET applications.
Nevron Diagram for .NET Q3_2007

Nevron Diagram for .NET is a fully managed, extensible and powerful diagramming framework, which can help you create feature rich diagramming solutions in WinForms and WebForms. It has full AJAX support. The product is built on top of the Nevron Presentation Framework and thus provides you with advanced capabilities for stunning visual impact, which you will not find in any other product - including commercial standalone diagramming applications.

flow chart, uml diagram, winforms, net diagram component, net diagram control, web forms, net diagram, control, net component, diagram, diagramming, drawing, flowchart

Visual Paradigm for UML (Professional Edition) for Mac OS X 6.0: UML CASE tool - UML diagrams, use case modeling, reverse engineering and more...
Visual Paradigm for UML (Professional Edition) for Mac OS X 6.0

diagram +Reverse engineering Java, C++, XML Schema, XML, .NET exe/dll, CORBA IDL +Code Generation - model to code, diagram to code +Use Case Details Editor - An all-in-one environment for specifying a use case`s details including general model specification and use case descriptions +Full Screen Diagram Editing - Maximizes the diagramming area +EJB Diagram - Visualize EJB systems. +EJB Code Generation and Deployment - Generate beans for your application

modeling tool, code generation, modeling, model, object oriented, rational rose, case, uml diagram, design, modeler, class diagram, tool, reverse engineering

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